19 April 2009

Frühlingsfest Flohmarkt 1 - For Sale

Every year the Spring Festival takes place on the Theresienwiese - the same site as Oktoberfest. It's a smaller version of the better known festival with funfair rides, food stalls and beer tents. On the first Saturday of the Frühlingsfest the Flohmarkt - that's Flea Market for you and me - sets up.

It's huge. The range of stuff for sale is amazing; almost as amazing as the willingeness of people to buy the stuff. I saw one guy cradling a Michelin Man in his arms and another carrying a didgeridoo. Here's a small selection of what was available. Tomorrow I'll post a selection of buyers and sellers.

1 comment:

Trothous said...

Great pics! How in the world did I miss that hat with a face?? Think of the dinner party fodder that would bring to the table!