05 March 2009

Walking Man

The Walking Man has been striding out at the Munich Re building on Leopoldstrasse since 1995. The sculpture is 17 metres tall and weighs 16 tons. It was created by American artist Jonathan Borofsky.

Other Borofsky works in Germany include the Hammering Man in Frankfurt, Molecule Man in Berlin, Freedom in Offenberg and another Walking Man in Verden.

Both the New York Times and Carnegie Mellon Magazine have carried interviews with Borofsky about his work.


The Clever Pup said...

Excited to see this. My husband works for said company in Canada and will be seeing the Walking Man again in about 3 weeks.

We have a friend whose office window looks at this guy's bottom all day.

olli said...

I think its a great piece, but I can understand how that particular view might get a little tiring after a while.