01 March 2009


The sun shone this weekend and the citizens of Munich took full advantage. On Sunday afternnon I joined the crowds getting off the U3 at Thalkirchen. Most of them were going to the zoo but I was going for a walk along the River Isar.

In this part of the city the Isar is surrounded by woods with walking and cycling trails. The river itself is dotted with small islands and edged by gently sloping gravel banks.

Just below Thalkirchen, on one of the gravel banks dozens - perhaps hundreds - of swans gather to take bread from visitors. They are remarkably tame, taking lumps of bread from the hands of small children - who are remarkably brave since, out of the water, the swans are bigger than they are.

Along the river people are walking and cycling, families are out with their children - and their dogs, others are reading books, playing in the water, or just soaking up the sun.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the next few days is not so good - bedeckt and bewölkt.


Dankoozy said...

the 1st pic is nice :)

olli said...

Thanks. It was the first decent day in a long time.

IsarSteve said...

Ah.. the Flaucher