18 March 2009

My Kind of Politician

2008 was not a good year for the Becksteins. The then Bavarian Prime Minister got into trouble for suggesting that it was perfectly fine to drink two litres of beer then drive home as long as you paced your intake.

Frau Beckstein added to the family woes when she refused to wear a dirndl to Oktoberfest on the very reasonable grounds that she was from Nurnberg where they don't wear dirndls.

The Prime Minister's party, the CSU, then suffered its worst ever performance in a Bavarian election and Hr Becktein was replaced as Prime Minister by Horst Seehofer.

However, instead of sulking, complaining and blaming other people the Becksteins recently displayed that rarest of political virtues: the ability to laugh at themselves.

Every year in Franconia (which is part of Bavaria but don't say that to a Franconian) the Franconian Carnval Association presents Fastnacht in Franken where Bavaria's politicians and dignitaries turn up to be mocked and ridiculed - and to laugh at themselves.

Many of them turn up in costume and this year the Beckstein's turned up in lederhosen and dirndl. Funny enough in itself except that she was wearing the lederhosen and he was wearing the dirndl. This is definitely my kind of politician.

In an earlier post I had referred to Hr Beckstein as Bavaria's Gordon Brown. I now realise that this is a totally unwarranted calumny on this fine politician and wish to apologise unreservedly to the Becksteins for associating them with the humourless and pompous British Prime Minister.

The pictures are from Bayerischer Rundfunk who broadcast the whole event. There are a lot more pictures and video on their Fastnacht in Franken page.


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