05 January 2009

Munich in Black and White

In yesterday's posting I linked to a couple of old photographs from the website of the Federal Archives. For those who may be interested in images of Munich from the past this is a great site to visit.

The Archive has more than 11 million photographs and posters dating from the 1860's. Only a fraction of these have been digitised, but since that fraction includes more than 100,000 images there is still plenty to look at.

The start page for the digital photographic archive is available in German and English but obviously the search text needs to be in German. Also, since this is a Federal government site it deals with the whole of Germany, not just Bavaria or Munich.

Another great resource, specific to Bavaria, is the Bavarian State Library. The Library's photographic archive is also in the process of being digitised. One of the most significant elements of the collection is the Hoffmann Archive. Heinrich Hoffmann was Hitler's personal photographer and given Munich's significance for the Nazis the city is well represented in the collection.

Again, the start page for the Library's photographic archive is available in German and English, but search text must be entered in German.