29 January 2009

Kandisky at the Lenbachhaus

Last week I finally got to visit the Kandinsky exhibition that I had mentioned previously. If you haven't seen it yet I can highly recommend it. We had the benefit of a tour guide, but there is also a very comprehensive audio guide that is included in the entrance price (which makes a pleasant change). The exhibition has been hugely successful; so much so that it has been extended for a further two weeks until 6 March.

For first time visitors you should know that the Kunstbau is across the street from the Lenbachhaus. This exhibition space sits on top of the Konigsplatz U-Bahn station and access is by the same steps that take you to the station.

As well as the graphic works in the Lenbachhaus there is also a fascinating display of photographs in the Kandinsky room of the museum showing the artist and his friends and colleagues in Munich and Murnau. Naturally, there is also a shop.

Once the exhibition ends the Lenbachhaus will be closing down for three years to undergo a major renovation and expansion. The work will be carried out under the direction of Foster + Partners, the architects responsible for the redevelopment of the Reichstag.

As well as renovating and redeveloping the existing building and grounds, the museum will also be expanded with a new building directly behind the existing one. In anticipation of the project the Lenbachhaus currently has an exhibition, Working With History, on the work of Foster + Partners in redevloping exisiting structures.

The exhibition also previews the plans for the redevelopment. Judging from the graphics on display (reproduced below) the new building seems to bear some resemblance to the almost completed Brandhorst Museum.

While the Kandinsky's will be travelling with the exhibition I'm not sure what will happen to the rest of the museum's collection. I hope at least part of it will go on display elsewhere in the city. It would be a great shame to lose all access to the collection for three years.


Lucy said...

Did you have to prebook your tickets or could you buy them at the exhibition?
I'm going to Munich in a couple of weeks to see this exhibition, but now the pre-booked tickets are sold out for that weekend! I feel pretty silly for not booking earlier, but I'll get into Munich pretty early on the Friday, so hopefully I can just buy them there.


olli said...

Hi Lucy. The first time I went I bought the tickets on the day. For the visit I'm talking about in this post they were pre-booked because it was a guided tour.

On my first visit I was able to buy tickets for immediate entry on a Saturday, though as the end of the exhibition comes closer it is getting more crowded.

There is also a limit on the number of people allowed in at any one time.

If you get there early though you should be fine - I'm sure they hold back daily tickets for people who want to buy them on the day.

If you are around all weekend you should know that many of the other museums in the city have a discounted entry rate on Sunday - for example 1 EUR at the Alte Pinakothek and Pinakothek Der Moderne, 5 EUR at the Neue Pinakothek, and free at the Stadt Museum.

Enjoy your visit.

Lucy said...

Hi Olli,

Thanks for replying so quickly. That makes me feel alot better... I've only been to Munich once for one day before and it was on a Sunday, where I found out by accident about the 1 euro entry to things, so I ran around going to as many art galleries as I could. It was very fun.

Thanks again.

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