01 January 2009

Happy New Year

New Year's Day, and the blue skies and crisp chill of the last week have given way to a bleary grey sky as though the smoke from last night's fireworks still hangs over the city.

My ambition to lie in was thwarted by my dog who sat by the foot of my bed howling until I got up and did the right thing.

Bella was in the mood to walk and we eventually reached the Kleinhesseloher See, the small lake by the Seehaus, which was almost completely frozen over.

The lake's resident population of ducks and geese was confined to one small spike of open water.

In case anyone was foolish enough to venture out onto the ice there were warning signs and life belts dotted around the edge of the lake bearing an ominous looking skull and crossbones.

Clearly ice skating and sledding were out, but the middle symbol had me stumped. Curling perhaps?

At least one person had clearly taken the warnings as a challenge.

Others had taken advantage of the setting for their Silvester celebrations. The evidence - spent firework casings and empty champagne bottles - was still visible beneath the falling snow.

Happy New Year.

(PS Apologies for the low quality of these pictures. They were taken with the camera on my elderly mobile phone.)

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