15 January 2009

Entropa Launched

In the end they didn't take it down, cover it up or ignore it. The official launch of David Cerny's work took place today as planned. The speech by the Czech Deputy Prime Minister was well judged - apology, humility and assertion well balanced. I haven't yet heard what the artist, who was brave enough to turn up, had to say.

Below are two versions of the portrayal of Germany in the piece for those who are curious. The first is from the glossy brochure that accompanied the work; the second is the piece as executed for the sculpture courtesy of Spiegel.

There was some controversy over this piece because some commentators suggested that the pattern formed by the roads was reminiscent of a swastika. I can't see this myself in the first version, but in the piece on display I can see how some people could make the connection.

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