23 January 2009


This is BMW World with the distinctive bowl of the BMW Museum and the BMW headquarters in the background. While the Museum has the more interesting content BMW World, which opened in 2007, is architecturally a much more striking building.

BMW's main competitor, Mercedes-Benz has its own museum in the company's home town of Stuttgart. This is another strikingly designed building opened in 2006. (The entrance fee is also much lower than the BMW Museum.)

Now Porsche, also based in Stuttgart, is about to open its new museum. Like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, the people at Porsche have commissioned a superb new building and, from the images I have seen, seem to have outdone the others. The museum will open on 31 January.

I feel a trip to Stuttgart coming on.

It's hard to imagine any of these businesses taking on this kind of project in the current economic climate so we can be grateful that they put the money into these projects during the good times.

In the interests of fairness and completeness I should also mention Volkswagen's Autostadt in Wolfsburg, and the Audi Forum in Ingolstadt. I couldn't find anything for Opel.


IsarSteve said...

Opel have a café (Adam Opel's) on Friedrichstraße in Berlin.. lol

olli said...

Seems about the right level for a GM brand.

siying said...

Hi I was trying very hard to find Stuttgart on the S/U Bahn map but I couldnt find the stop. Can you enlighten me? I will be visiting Munich in June ;)

olli said...

Hi Siying. The U-Bahn only covers Munich and the S-Bahn only covers the immediate area around Munich.

For Stuttgart and anywhere else in Germany you will need to use Deutsche Bahn.

The website is www.bahn.de (there is an English language option). From there you can enter travel dates and times and other options and get information on journey times and prices. I think it takes about 2.5 hours to get to Stuttgart direct.

In some cases you can also book tickets online.