31 December 2008

Dinner for One

One of the more recent Silvester traditions brings us back to the Anglo-German relationship. Every Christmas Eve, television channels throughout Germany broadcast an 11 minute sketch called Dinner for One.

The sketch had its origins in British musical hall comedy of the 1920's but the version broadcast in Germany was filmed in Hamburg - in English with two English actors - in 1962 and has never been shown in the UK. It first featured as a New Year's Eve broadcast in 1972 and since then has become the most repeated TV show ever.

The sketch has given rise to a whole series of offshoots including a lego version and a version featuring Bernd Das Brot, a children's television character on the KI.KA channel. The script is also available online. You can read more about the history of the piece and analysis of its popularity in Germany at the Guardian, the BBC, Slate, and - in German - Spiegel.

If you can't be in Germany for New Year's Eve you can watch the original sketch below courtesy of youtube, and below that, the two part Bernd Das Brot version, Dinner für Brot.


Trothous said...

Dinner fuer Brot is fabulous! I've got to have a little Miss Sophie and James fix every New Year's Eve! Thanks for digging these videos up and sharing. About time for a New Year's beer, don't you think??

olli said...

Whenever you're ready.