16 December 2008


The London correspondent of Die Zeit, John F Jungclaussen, spent the summer at home in Germany finding out what the Germans think of the British.

BBC Radio 4 will broadcast the programme he made about his investigation on 2 January. This is the BBC press release for the show, Anglomania:
John Jungclaussen, Die Zeit's correspondent in the UK, investigates why so many Germans love all things British.

British heritage, tradition and monarchy inspire many Germans to indulge in "the British way of life"; and Barbour jackets and custard-coloured corduroys are de rigueur in the shires of the Black Forest.

Scottish country dancing is a hoot in downtown Frankfurt and, in Hamburg, they have an annual British Weekend when thousands gather on a polo field for a garden fete ending with a candlelit "Last Night Of The Proms". There is also a Celtic rock band in Düsseldorf, who perform "in Scottish" with a backline of pipes and drums.

Trafalgar Day, meanwhile, is annually commemorated by an eccentric German in his garden shed with representatives of Her Majesty's Royal Navy in attendance.

Whilst Shakespeare is the most-performed playwright in Germany, Scotland's Rosamunde Pilcher is the most-adapted novelist on German television, and John investigates this curious unrequited post-war infatuation.
If your interested but not in the UK you can stream Radio 4 by clicking on Listen Live or if you miss the live broadcast you can usually Listen Again for a week afterwards.

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