24 November 2008

Funny Old World

Murderous Baader-Meinhof scumbag Christian Klar (oops - my veneer of cool detachment slipped momentarily there) is to be released from prison in January after serving 26 years.

In Kosovo, some very odd goings-on. Three Germans, who may be members of the German intelligence agency, are arrested following an attack on the EU offices in Pristina. Spiegel reports that the BND thinks the arrests are part of a power struggle in Pristina between pro- and anti- European factions. Another resounding succes for Western policy in the Balkans then.

Finally, murderous Nazi scumbag Adolf Hitler was indeed lacking his full underpant complement according to a newly discovered document. The document, a note of a conversation between Johan Jambor, a doctor who treated AH, and his priest Franciszek Pawlar, records that the injury was inflicted during the battle of the Somme in 1916.

Since my fellow countrymen, in the guise of the 36th Ulster Division, the 16th Irish Division and the Irish Guards, were present during this most wretched of battles, I like to think that perhaps one of them was responsible for inflicting the damage. (Though in the interests of accuracy I should regretfully note that at the time Adolf suffered his testicular malfunction none of the Irish units were in the vicinity.)

PS The image above is taken from the website for Spitfire Ale produced by English brewers Shepherd Neame. If you are sympathetic to the view of former German Ambassadors to the UK like Gebhart von Moltke and Thomas Matussek that the British are obsessed with World War 2 then you probably should not have a look at the Spitfire website where there is much more in the same vein.

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