10 November 2008

Crying Over Spilled Beer

Surprisingly enough Spiegel missed this story, but the Daily Telegraph picked it up.

This is Anita Schwarz from Eichenau, just west of Munich.

Yesterday she attempted to set a new world record for carrying beer mugs - 21 of them.

Unfortunately, she didn't make the full 40 metre carry required for the record, and a lot of beer was spilled.

A little research determined that a litre of beer weighs about one kilo, while the glass mugs weigh a little over one kilo. Each full glass weighs at least two kilos (which is roughly 2.2 pounds). So, 21 glasses of beer weigh at least 42 kilos - over 90 pounds.

She may not have broken the record but I was hugely impressed that she could even lift this much beer let alone carry it.

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Troy said...

I saw this on BBC this morning too. Must have been a slow news day. :o)