29 November 2008


On Friday Munich's mayor opened the city's Christmas market in Marienplatz. This is Munich's biggest Christmas market, but it is not the only one and, some might say, not the best one.

There are at least a dozen more I know of and last night I visited three of these. The Rindermarkt is hosting the Kripperlmarkt where you can buy everything you need for your manger display. (Though, strictly speaking, this market is associated with the main market.)

At Wittelsbacherplatz there is the Mittelaltermarkt - the Medieval market - where you can buy a sword, shield and helmet. At the weekends entertainment is provided by singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and falcons. In the Kaiserhof at the Residenz there is the Weihnachtsdorf. The highlight here for me was the animated elk singing O Tannenbaum.

Below are a few images from each of these taken last night. There are plenty more markets to visit, including the intriguing sounding Pink Christmas - the gay Christmas market - which opens on 5 December.

Munich Christkindlmarkt



Das Weihnachtsdorf


Pastor St. John said...

Thank you for the wonderful Munich Christmas market photos. Very nice!

olli said...

Thanks Pastor John. Glad you liked them. I'll be posting more over the next few weeks from some of the other markets as I find them.

xec internet said...

Some cracking photographs there. Have been to the Munich markets 3 times now including a magical time when there was a decent amount of snow a few years back