26 October 2008

Die Lange Nacht der Münchner Museen

Saturday night was a cultural marathon as around 90 of the city's museums, galleries and churches opened their doors until two in the morning.

As well as their normal exhibitions some of the museums had special events - lectures, guided tours, kids' programmes and live music, which is how we came to be listening to a barbershop chorus while browsing the displays at the State Museum of Ethnology.

MVG provided a ten minute shuttle bus service on five routes that linked the participating museums, but even with seven hours to play with there's a limit on how many museums you can visit.

We managed five. At the Haus Der Kunst we visited a new exhibition, spuren des geistigen. (Much better than the awful brillantfeuerwerk exhibition that I wasted €5 on last time.) The State Museum of Ethnology was next, followed by Museum Villa Stuck. We finished with the two museums in Konigsplatz: the Antikensammlung and the Glyptothek.

By this time it was 1.15. We thought of trying to squeeze in one more, but museum fatigue got the better of us and we called it a night.

This is the tenth year of the 'Long Night' and it's a great idea. The people of Munich obviously think so too. All of the museums seemed to be busy - some with long queues outside - and the buses were packed even into the early hours. And did I mention that tickets were only €15?

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Jul said...

Hmmm... sounds like we might have been at the Ethnology museum around the same time!