06 September 2008

By Night

I took my camera out a couple of nights ago to take some pictures of some of my favourite buildings in all their illuminated glory.

The first picture is the Theatiner / St. Kajetan Church. Up close in Odeonsplatz it's quite a challenge to get good images of the church because of the size of the building, the constant movement of people and, at night, the street lights.

This is the view of the church from the Hofgarten, hence the trees in the foreground. These not only provide a frame, but also block the street lighting.

The next two are the towers of the Cathedral. Unfortunately, there is a construction site in the Cathedral square at the moment and a very large truck was parked right in the middle of the space in front of the church.

I thought at one point of climbing up on it, but since the church is not far from the main police station, I decided it might be best not to.

Capturing the moon in any of its phases betwween the towers would be the perfect finishing touch. I just need to find out the what time of year and time of night it would be there.

I thought these turned out well so it's very likely that I'll be boring you with more in the future.

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