17 September 2008

Bavaria's Gordon Brown

Günther Beckstein, the Prime Minister of Bavaria, is having a bad election campaign. Like Gordon Brown it seems that everything he says or does conspires against him. According to Der Spiegel,
When it became known to Bavarians that his wife Marga was refusing to wear a dirndl, the traditional Bavarian dress, to the opening of this year's Oktoberfest beer festival, a shockwave went through the party.
Perhaps in an effort to undo the damage done to his reputation as a true Bavarian Beckstein claimed in a recent speech - given in a beer tent - that driving after a few beers was acceptable.
It's not a problem if you drink one Mass or two if you're there for a few hours.
Despite their political woes Beckstein's party, the CSU, will remain the biggest in the Bavarian Parliament - something Gordon Brown can only dream of for Labour.

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Trixi und Julian said...

How great will the damage be anyway - even if they lose 20% of the votes, their majority in the parliament will drop from 80% to 60%. Big deal. Don't forget that Germans, esp. Bavarians, hate change in any way, as can be seen by Helmut Kohl who was chancellor for 16 years, Ivo Gönner who is major of Ulm since 25 years, and Wolfgang Ude, who is major of Munich since Ludwig II. died.