20 July 2008


Instead of having one single big event for the city's 850th anniversary there has been a series of weekend celebrations throughout the summer. This weekend was the Altstadtringfest - the Old Town Ringroad Festival.

Unfortunately, Saturday's great weather turned bad later in that evening during the festival highlight in Odeonsplatz. Described on the city website as The history of Munich as theatre: light, music, architecture and dance merge in a magical night for a new visionary art form, the rehearsals for the show had taken place on Friday night in perfect weather. However, on Saturday evening, while the performance was under way, it started to pour.

Next up is the Isarbrückenfest - the Isar Bridge Festival - on the first weekend in August. Until then, here are some pictures from Saturday, including the weirdly entertaining Choir of Souls from the Berlin based art group, Dead Chickens.

Robo-Lion: He was part of the Munich Revue

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the pesky kids off to have go myself

On Maximilians Platz

No idea what the wacky machines were about - presumably part of a later show

The Choir of Souls by Dead Chickens

On Sendlingerstraße

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Jul said...

Hi Olli! Thanks for the email.

We had a great time at the Altstadtringfest, and I'm not usually a fan of street festivals. I liked that crazy singing dead chicken machine, too.