27 July 2008

Open Door at the Police Praesidium

Saturday was open day for the Munich police. First up were the Unterstützungskommandos who punched, kicked, and beat each other. Presumably they were practising for dealing with football hooligans, anti-globalisation protesters, neo-Nazis and anti-Nazis. I presume too that they kick them a lot harder.

Following them were the police dogs - one drug sniffer, one explosives sniffer and one that chews people. The dogs were all short haired German Shepherds and from where I was standing they looked a lot wirier than most I have seen. They also seemed to free of the problems that afflict this breed as a result of the kennel club eugenicists.

The dog below is the people chewer. He's probably called Rex. Whatever his name he was very impressive. In the second picture he is climbing in through the window of the van to chew the thief trying to steal it. Unfortunately, his handler obscured my view.

The Praesidium itself was also partially open to the public with a display of police vehicles in the courtyard. This was quite a novel experience for someone who grew up in Northern Ireland. Police stations there were like fortresses with blast walls, armoured windows and mortar netting. Then again, the Munich police don't have Irish terrorists trying to blow them up.

Elsewhere there were policemen on stilts and a puppet show for the kiddies featuring an anti-social puppet who was given a firm talking to by the cops before being fined.

Good fun, good PR and probably a good recruiting tool as well.

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Keir said...

They chose an appropriate venue for anti-fascist manoeuvres as the building used to be the HQ for both Himmler and Heydrich: http://tinyurl.com/6zy29od