10 July 2008

Look Away Now

Bella is a creature of habit. Her morning habit is to walk down to the little river in the English Garden. Our route takes us across that part of the park used by Munich's nudists. This creates certain difficulties.

Bella is an independent spirit. She doesn't really pay much attention when I call her. So when I let her off her leash while walking down to the river she does tend to wander around exploring her surroundings since she is also a sociable and curious dog.

What am I supposed to do when she wanders over to some prostrate nudist, wagging her tail? I can call her, but she ignores me. I can keep on walking in the hope that she will eventually follow. Or, if all else fails I can go and get her, risking getting close to a nudist and having to work very hard not to look anywhere inappropriate.

It's not that I object to nudity, it's just that most of these people shouldn't be nude. On the one hand it's good that these folks aren't ashamed of their bodies; on the other hand, most of them should be - leathery skinned and wrinkled testimonies to the effects of a lifelong diet of beer and pork.

I have also noticed that most of the nudists are older men. They tend to be on their own, and some of them have a suspicious habit of strutting around aimlessly, hands consciously clasped firmly behind their backs. I don't think an unreasonable supposition that some of these people are exhibitionists.

My greatest concern is that Bella might just sneak up on a sleeping nudist some day and stick her cold wet nose somewhere she shouldn't. I'm not sure what the appropriate etiquette would be in that situation. Any advice will be gratefully received.


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Trixi und Julian said...

I feel like a psychic. Reading your blog today, and seeing that you mention the English Garden a lot, I thought to myself "Should I warn him that he will eventually come across some naked people?" I decided not to, because I find it hilarious how traumatizing Germany must be for a foreigner. The open stand to nudity is one of the few achievements in Germany I'm proud of. We don't have so many more.