24 July 2008

Life in Munich

Mercer Consulting have recently released their annual Global Cost of Living survey. The survey is aimed at expats and their employers and doesn't necessarily reflect the relative cost of living for locals.

The top 5 - Mosocw, Tokyo, London, Oslo and Seoul. Munich is ranked 37, just ahead of Berlin and Frankfurt, and is still Germany's most expensive city. I've noticed.

This survey follows last month's Quality of Living survey. On overall quality of living the top 5 are: Zurich, Vienna, Geneva, Vancouver and Auckland. German cities do well in this survey - Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt hold the next three spots, though Berlin is languishing in 16th place.

This survey also has a separate ranking for personal safety. The top 5 safest cities are: Luxembourg, Bern, Geneva, Helsinki and Zurich. Germany's cities score well once again ranked the safest cities in the 'big' European countries. Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Nurnberg are in equal twelfth place together with wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig also make it into the top 50.

In contrast, only one British city made it: Glasgow at 43. This is quite a transformation given that for a long time that city was synonymous with crime, violence, sectarianism and poverty. No French or Italian cities made it into the top 50.

So - to sum up Munich. An excellent quality of life in a very safe city, if you can afford it.

I had already worked this out. Maybe Mercer should have asked me. It would have been a lot cheaper for them and I might have earned myself the price of a cappucino.

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Brian said...

I wonder where Stuttgart and Mannheim would fall on that list?

I'm working in Heidelberg, and it's expensive for the size, easily comparable to Munich with less to do.