04 June 2008

It's Good to Know the Local Language

I've spent the last few days with a throbbing headache that would not go away despite repeated doses of ibuprofen and paracodol. It turns out that the coffee I bought at our local supermarket is decaffeinated, meaning that I went from five cups to zero cups of caffeine overnight.

I discovered this when it suddenly occurred to me this morning that this felt very like a caffeine headache. So I had a look at the coffee packet and entered the suspicious looking 'entkoffeiniert' into Google translator: Sure enough, 'decaffeinated.'

I am honestly trying to learn German. I'm even taking classes. Unfortunately we haven't got to some of the key areas yet - like how to avoid decaffeinated coffee. But at least as a result of my three day headache I have now added one more word to my German vocabulary.

Now I have to decide whether to hold out and reduce my coffee intake or go and overdose on real coffee to get the levels back up.

1 comment:

Ken said...

Thanks for the heads up. Don't be throwing that stuff away!