26 May 2008

Industrial Oompah Mariachi Metal

I found a great spoof video on YouTube. The video is of a German 'industrial metal' band called Rammstein, the music is a modern take on traditional Bavarian folk music by a band called Haindling. (The genuine Haindling video is here.)

The Germans do seem to have a thing for a particularly morbid and aggressive style of rock music: as the Wikipedia article on the German band Fleshcrawl puts it, "Fleshcrawl's lyrical themes are generally characteristic of typical death metal, and encompass such concepts as insanity, horror, doomsday, war, murder, misanthropy, genocide, gore, slavery, and sacrifice, among other lyrical concepts familiar to death metal."

Oliver Reidel, a member of Rammstein - a band that seems quite tame compared to some of the others - attempted an explanation: "German language suits heavy metal music. French might be the language of love, but German is the language of anger." (You can listen to some genuine Rammstein music if you are prepared to risk it.)

I haven't come across any thrash/death/industrial metal in Munich (not that I have been looking for it) but I have come across what we foreigners tend, rightly or wrongly, to think of as Bavarian folk music - men in lederhosen playing oom-pah music. We hear it drifting across the English Garden from the Beer Garden at the Chinese Tower on Wednesdays and at the weekend.

Had enough of industrial metal and oom-pah music? The Hirschau Beer Garden, a little further into the English Garden, is the place to go. Every Tuesday night pretend it's tequila and tacos. not beer and sausage as you enjoy Los Mariachis.

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