03 May 2008


It's not quite Amsterdam but there are a lot of bikes in this city, in every shape and size. The city has a well developed network of bike lanes, complete with traffic lights. Most of these bike lanes run on the pavement and it takes a while to get used to having to check for bikes at every junction.

Cyclists in less bicycle friendly cities regularly complain about motorists whose endanger them by their aggression and carelessness.

Unfortunately, a lot of cyclists once they have their bike lanes adopt the same attitudes towards pedestrians that motorists have towards them. So far I have resisted the temptation to push the most aggressive riders off their bikes.

I've also seen a lot of family outings by bike. Bigger kids have their own bikes; smaller kids travel in a little trailer behind the parent's bike. Surprisingly, cycle helmets are rare here. Most people, including children, don't wear them at all.

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