24 April 2008

Most Liveable

The International Herald Tribune reported last June that travel magazine Monocle had named Munich 'the most liveable city in the world.' More recently, the New York Times called it 'Germany's Hot Spot of the Moment.'

This is probably why Mercer consulting listed it as Germany's most expensive city in their 2007 cost of living global survey. Munich was number 39 in the world last year, according to Mercer, up from 61 in 2006. Depending on where you draw the boundaries, it is around number 20 in Europe.


Alan in Belfast said...

Welcome back to Europe.

olli said...

Thanks Alan. If you or Cheryl are ever coming out this way let us know.

DAI said...

Welcome back! Reading you from Tirana, where have been for quite a while. Should get back to the US this coming week, via Munich. Looking forward to your posts from another angle. Best wishes to you and your wife in the new environment!